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For the overtly curious when it comes to my updating this website, here's where you can find a bit more detailed description of what I've updated and where. I will be deleting the previous month's update descriptions at the turn of a new month, just to save on space in the event I do a lot of updating in one month. As always, only the index page will have "new" and "updated" tags next to new and updated pages.

*September 6, 2009: I've been busy these past few months, particularly with my new blog, which now takes the place of the old Egyptian Yell web page. Feel free to subscribe via RSS, leave a comment, and tell your friends about it. Also, I've updated my vote and VE pages, as well as added a few books to my library (one of them is copyrighted 1924). I'll be back to update more, particularly the content of the mummification section of the religion page and the Egyptological links page.

*May 15, 2009: Follow these links to read recent news about Ancient Egypt at the Egyptian Yell: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. I also update my vote page, so if you have the time, please vote for Egyptology Page.

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