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Page:  Book of Thoth!  This comprehensive site examines Ancient Egyptian education (institutions, tools, 
professions), fashion (clothing, accessories, makeup), philosophy, recreation (sports and games), religion 
(mummification, sarcophagi, myths, over 200 deities), and writing system (hieroglyphics, hieratic, demotic) and 
features awards, games, museum, library, and newspaper.
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Being passionate about the entire world and its languages, accomodation to people who are more confortable reading content in their own language only supports my mind-set. Below, you will find a translation generator of sorts, thanks to Atla Vista Babel Fish. To translate this site into your mother tongue, click the flag that closely relates to your language. I say this because there are many countries that speak French, but do not have a flag represented in the Babel Fish translation box. So, people from, say, La Côte d'Ivore will have to click on the French flag rather that of the Ivory Coast.

However, be warned: most translations are word-for-word and may not translate properly English idiomatic expressions and other traits of syntax and grammar into other languages.

Ready to translate? Click away!

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