Welcome to the Egyptology Page:  Book of Thoth!  This comprehensive site examines Ancient Egyptian education (institutions, tools, professions), fashion (clothing, accessories, makeup), philosophy, recreation (sports and games), religion (mummification, sarcophagi, myths, over 200 deities), and writing system (hieroglyphics, hieratic, demotic) and features awards, games, museum, library, and newspaper.
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Inspired by the Mummy Movies
**The Sand Dunes of Hamunaptra
**He Dared to Love the Wife of Seti
Inspired by Ancient Egypt
**You Are Who is Beauty
**The Answer to the Riddle is More Than "A Man"
**I Wait to Return to Ancient Egypt Tonight
Personal Poems
**The Absentminded Egyptologist
**The First Time I Laid Eyes on You

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