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Awards For You

So, you want to win an award? Well, look no further. Below, I have placed some different designs of the same award entitled the "Egyptological Excellence Award". But, before you can win an award you must fit the following criteria:

1) You must have at least one page that deals with Ancient or modern Egypt.

2) The site must be appropriate for young eyes.

3) In order for me to read it, it can be in English, French or German. If your site is in another language not listed previously, then a site translation generator would be great.

4) Fill out the form that follows the awards. Once you are "approved" by me, I will send the award to you via e-mail.

5) Sign my guest book. This is not manditory, but it would be nice to know that you visited.

6) Don't forget to link the award back to my home page: http://www.geocities.com/egyptology84/home.html

7) Enjoy my website and your day!

Some more things to note: if your website has a title, then I will be able to customize whichever award you choose. All you have to do is tell me what title you would like me to put on it :) You can also send me the logo of your homepage (if you have one) and I can place it on there, too. Here is my e-mail address in order to contact me:

Good Luck!

Award 1 Nephthys and Isis

Sample of Award 1:  Nephthys and Isis

Award 2 Tutankhamun Funeral Mask

Sample of Award 2:  Tutankhamun Funeral Mask

For those of you who feel left out, I have created the "Pharaoh's Choice Award." In order to obtain this award, you just need to have a site--it does not have to deal with Egyptology o(*^-^*)o Just follow the criteria above, excluding number 1.

Award 3 Pharaoh's Choice

Sample of Award 3:  Pharaoh's Choice Award

Click here to fill out form.

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