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features awards, games, museum, library, and newspaper.
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My Adoptions

The Mummy/Egypt

I adopted this dashing hero just in case I raise the dead and need rescuing.

This site is protected by a very ticked off mummy. This site is protected by Pharaoh's royal guards.

I adopted my own puzzle box! I adopted my own piece of Egyptian treasure! I adopted my own spitting camel!

Evelyn Carnahan in Bedouin dress Rick O'Connell at Hamunaptra Jonathan CarnahanArdeth BeyImhotep Anuck-sun-amun Beni Gabor Evelyn Carnahan at Cairo PrisonRick O'Connell in French Foreign Legion duds Jonathan Carnahan in pith helmet Evelyn Carnahan at Cairo Port

Atum Bastet Geb Horus Isis Nephthys Nut Osiris Ra Set Shu Tefnut

Adoptions from Angel

Green Goddess, by Angel
Green Neptune, by Angel
Green Goddess, adoption certificate from Angel
Green Neptune, adoption certificate from Angel

Egyptian Babe, by Angel
Egyptian Babe, adoption certificate from Angel

Lord of the Rings

Legolas, the spriteLegolasGandolf, the sprite

I adopted Legolas from 'Orliness' at http://dear.to/orlando

I adopted Legolas from Fudien at http://groups.msn.com/LegolasFantasySuite/


AladdinRajahJasmine      Alexander the Great      Buffy the Vampire SlayerSpike, aka William the Bloody

Tarot:  Empress Tarot:  Priestess

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