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Welcome distant traveler!

To all enthusiastic Egyptologists, doctorates and dilettantes alike:  before you is vast supply of carefully researched information of nearly all elements of the wonderful era of Pre- and Dynastic Egypt, when pharaohs ruled the land and great monuments were built in honor of both human and deity.  Explore these pages to become more acquainted with one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations.

Navigate at your own risk!

Everyone has heard of the curse of the pharaohs--rubbish, I say!  However, I cannot guarantee there will not be any pitfalls or false doors around here; you never know what will happen on the computer!  It is my duty as curator of this site to ensure a safe navigation, which is quite simple if I don't say so myself:  main navigation--that which concerns contextual data on ancient Egypt--will always appear at the top of every page to eradicate becoming lost. In addition, there is a secondary menu at the bottom: that which concerns fun things in which you can engage and other supplimentary materials. This secondary menu will appear on every page as well.

Opal Egg * Typy Ego?

One last thing before I leave you on your adventure: the meaning of the title of this website (Egyptology Page: Opal Egg * Typy Ego). The first part (Egyptology Page) is obvious; the last part (Opal Egg * Typy Ego) is an anagram of to Egyptology Page and describes a few aspects of ancient Egypt. "Opal Egg" signifies not only that the egg with which we are occupied is opalescent but also that the egg has great importance in ancient Egyptian history. Scarabs, a sacred and deified beetle, rolls its eggs into a dung ball; it is from the latter that the baby scarabs emerge, a life process that the ancient Egyptians associated with creation (creation played a major part in Egyptian mythology). It is in one version of the Hermopolitan Creation Myth that appears the Cosmic Egg, laid by either a celestial goose or an ibis (a species of bird). From this egg came life.

"Typy Ego" describes the importance of the height at which the ancient Egyptians revered animals, domesticated or wild, especially of the breeds of animals (typy) that were the most sacred: beetles, cats, crocodiles, falcons, ibis, rams, etc. Egyptians respected animals not only in life, but also in death; it was the complete body and soul of all animals (their egos) to which the Egyptians paid repect.

Now that you know the inspiration to the appellation of my website, you are very welcome to start your adventure.

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